Fastener Finish K Factors
As received steel0.18GEOBLACK® 1470.15Magni 5750.13
Black Oxide0.20GEOBLACK® ML0.16Magni 5900.11
Cadmium plated nuts and bolts0.19GEOMET® 500 A0.17Magni 5910.11
Copper based antiseize0.13GEOMET® 500 B0.17Magni 5940.12
DACROBLACK® 1070.14GEOMET® 720 L0.15Never-Seize Paste0.17
DACROBLACK® 1270.15GEOMET® 720 ML0.17Phosphate & Oil0.18
DACROMET® 500 A0.19GEOMET® L0.15Plain0.20
DACROMET® 500 B0.19GEOMET® MlL0.17Rusty (exposed outdoors 2 wks)0.39
DACROMET® L0.15GEOMET® P0.20SermaGard (Aluminum particles in a ceramic binder) basecoat + wax0.23
DACROMET® ML0.17GEOMET® XL0.09Xylan 5230 (PTFE)0.12
DACROMET® P0.20Graphite coatings0.19Zinc & Black (cr6)0.22
DACROMET® XL0.09Hot dip galvanized - clean and dry0.23Zinc & Clear (cr6)0.22
Delta-Protekt KL 100 base coat with Delta VH 301 topcoat0.17Machine Oil0.21Zinc & Clear (cr6) & Waxed Locknut0.18
Delta-Protekt KL 100 base coat with Delta VH 302 topcoat0.19Magni 5100.15Zinc & Olive (cr6)0.22
Delta-Protekt KL 100 base coat with Delta-Seal0.23Magni 51110.15Zinc & Yellow (cr6)0.22
Delta-Protekt KL 100 base coat with Delta-Seal GZ0.18Magni 5150.15Zinc (mechanical) & Clear (cr6)0.35
GEOBLACK® 1170.20Magni 5600.13Zinc-Cobalt electroplated finish0.30
GEOBLACK® 1370.17Magni 5650.13Zinc-Nickel electroplated finish0.30
Note: Values determined using DIN 946.